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  • This will be shared in the YouTube video description - the video is "Unlisted" by default
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  • (All-Conference, 4.3 40 yard dash, National Honor Society, etc.)
  • We use royalty free music for copyright purposes on YouTube. If you do not want any music, that is also an option.
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    If you would like for recruiters to have your parent / guardian contact information.
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    If you would like for recruiters to have your high school and/or club team coach contact information.
  • If your footage is from somewhere that requires a login, please include your login information so we can see and retrieve the footage.
  • Footage Upload Link - If your footage is on your computer and needs to be uploaded to us, use this link
  • Please enter your game, time stamp, and play description
    Example: Game 2 Devils vs Spartans, 4:30-4:53, goal
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