We take your sports footage and edit it into a professional highlight video – footage that you already have. You send us your footage via an online link from any source – YouTube, Google, Hudl, Dropbox – anywhere! As long as we can see the footage it can be used for a highlight video. Then you tell us which plays in the footage are your favorite (“I scored around 4:35 in my first game”). We take those highlights from your footage and edit an amazing highlight video.

You can also upload your footage directly to us if it’s not already online and on your computer. So we have you covered. We’ve received all types of footage from many different sources. We haven’t seen any footage we haven’t been able to use to edit a great video.

We after editing the video, send you a preview to make sure you love it, and then send a final link that can be shared via email with any recruiter, coach or friend. We also give you a download of the final video so you can have a hard copy of the digital file.

Unfortunately, we do not offer any filming services.

This video creation process is 100% done by a professional video editor in the United States with years of experience as a part of an excellent editing team. This is not off-shored to the lowest bidder. We do not cut corners. We do not rush the editing. We review our edits over and over again to make sure the first draft is the last draft. We work in Adobe Premiere Pro, a professional video editing software used to make Oscar-winning documentaries, first cuts of major movies, network television shows, and by professional YouTubers. Every step of the hours-long editing process is done via the hands of a video editor. This is why we can entertain special editing requests outside of our typical packages. We can do almost anything in editing the video. But this means we cannot fulfill an order in an hour or two. It takes time to organize, plan, and execute a highlight video editing process. And since each order is unique and the footage comes from all different sources, we cannot promise completion within a very short timeframe unless you have a rush order.

We like to say that what we do is similar to a professional painter being commissioned to paint your portrait with the paint you supply instead of their own. It’s a fun challenge and requires a lot of creativity, but we love it.

Unfortunately, no. We do have a rush order option, but that’s not an overnight or immediate service package.

Video editing takes many hours of time to complete. It’s a very tedious process to download all your footage from multiple sources, review all the games, organize the highlights, trim the clips for good timing, zoom and track clips, color-correct overexposed video footage, insert the isolation circle over every highlight, create the graphics, insert your information into the graphics, move clips into the best order, create the slow motion clips, find your team colors online and use them in the graphics, work on any special requests, render the videos, upload them online, then send them over for your review. Any slight deviation throughout the editing process usually adds another hour of work and there’s usually at least 1-2 deviations in the editing process because of a footage gathering challenge, editing special request, technical hurdle, etc. That’s just life. But with editing videos, it just adds more time.

Of course. We can incorporate any footage at any stage of editing. If you’ve already put together a reel, we can use this reel to make a professional video by adding graphics and tightening all the timing. If you have raw footage and a reel, we can splice the two to make the final video. The world is your oyster with us.

  • First, please purchase your highlight video package on this website. Or email us to receive an order package.


  • You will immediately receive a purchase confirmation and a link to the player information form. On this form, we will ask all the information for the video (name, team, high school, stats, etc.). We also ask for your timestamps in this form (see more about timestamps below).


  • Then we need to get your footage. If your footage is online anywhere, you can send us the links. YouTube links, Dropbox links, if you can see the video online, we can use the footage


  • Once we receive these three things (payment, player information sheet, and the footage), we make the video in 10-14 days days, 14-21 days for “We Pick the Plays” packages. Rush delivery is also available.

Once we receive your footage and player information form (with play timestamps) we typically make the video in 10-14 days. If you need the video sooner, let us know and for an extra fee we can prioritize your video and burn the midnight oil.

We use a 100% customized HD editing process using Adobe Premiere Pro – a professional editing software. There are no machines, artificial intelligence, automations, or robots involved. We sit and manually edit each video and review the final edits before sending you a preview.

Yes. We will manipulate the footage so it’s a little more clear what’s happening if the camera is zoomed out. If there are any other issues such as color saturation or bad camera work, we also try to center the footage so it’s easier to watch. Our goal is to produce most easily watchable video for you. We’re always giving our 100% very best with each video edit.

We have discovered that most recruiters mute every video they receive and never hear the music or anything audio from the videos. They just want to see you play.

We completely mute the sound from the sports footage. Too many people yelling, distracting spectators, and sometimes inappropriate language from the crowd can distract from the video. So we simply remove the audio from the footage – unless you specifically request that we keep the crowd noise in the video. But we cannot do custom audio editing such as remixing songs.

We use royalty-free music for our videos. Music that sounds great and is typically instrumentals or beats but without singing or voice. You can pick your genre of music (rock, rap, electric, etc.), but you cannot pick the exact song. Picking the “right” music can take a long, long, long, time and there’s no perfect music track – so we pick a great track and let the footage speak for itself. To this date we’ve only had ~4 players request a song change out of hundreds of videos made.

We can take your footage if you’ve already made it into short highlight video clips, no worries. However, many times we receive individual clips that have been cut too short, are very low in quality, and are sometimes unusable. We’re the editors here, let us do this for you – just send us the full video files and your time stamp notes and we will try out best to get the highest quality of video source.

The best thing to do is to send us raw footage or whatever clips you already have without any editing. That way we can make the video of the highest possible video quality.

YES! You don’t have to completely re-buy a new highlight video, unless you want to. There is a per hour editing fee for editing your video and adding more plays. We would give you an estimate of the price to add plays before you decided to move forward.

We send the final video through an “unlisted” link. This means only people with the link can see the video. There are no passwords needed. Simply email the video link to anyone and they can see the video. But it will not be searchable online. However, if you give us permission to use your video for marketing purposes, a few clips of your footage will be visible on Instagram or Facebook, but we will not list your contact information.

It’s different for every player. However, most of the finished videos are between 3-5 minutes long. Some sports have longer plays, whereas some sports have short plays. As an example, a 30-play basketball video is typically 3.5 minutes. A 15-play soccer video is usually 3-4 minutes. A 30-play volleyball video us typically 4 minutes long.

We deliver the final video via email. We upload your finished highlight video to our YouTube channel as an unlisted video (semi-private) so you can go ahead and start sharing the video. Anyone with the link will be able to see the video – no passwords required. We also send a download link so you can download the final video directly to your computer.

Absolutely! That’s the whole point of our service. Use the video however you like. If other sites allow you to upload or link to sports highlight videos, our finished videos can be used with any other recruiting platform. Our finished videos are meant to be used anywhere and be the most flexible tool to help you get recruited.