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filming sports highlights

3 Tips For Filming Sports Highlights

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We have received a lot of footage from parents who have filmed their kids’ games. We’ve seen it all. From great HD footage to shaky footage that is almost unusable. For any sport, we have a few tips to help parents and sports videographers get the most out of their filming experience. Unlike movies, TV […]

3 Tips in Making a Sports Recruiting Video

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With the ability nowadays to send information through the internet, recruiting videos are more popular than ever. So what are ways you can make your video stand out from the crowd? These three tips will help you optimize your video to get the results you are looking for!   Have appropriate content/length You want your […]

3 Things Playing A Division III Sport Has Taught Me

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Playing a college sport is a joy that many athletes share and is a difficult challenge which yields great rewards for all involved.  Division III has its own unique challenges and rewards when compared to Division I & II.  For one, Division III athletes are not playing on athletic scholarship.  Participants at this level play […]

4 Ways to Adjust to Being a College Athlete

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Transitioning from high school to college athletics can be difficult. Players have to get used to different roles, starting fresh from the “bottom of the totem pole,” so to speak. Not only are freshmen in college starting to meet new people and classmates, they are also getting to know new teammates and coaches. The number […]

4 Tips to Get Recruited to Play Sports in College

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“It always looks good when players include highlights from a secondary sport if possible” So many athletes aspire to play the sport that they love at the collegiate level. But the path to playing college sports is different for each and every person. These 4 tips will give some insight into having a positive experience […]